Patricia Rocco, BS, MS, PT

Ms. Patricia Rocco, BS, MS, PT earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy in 2010 from the Universidade Estadual de Londrina in Paraná, Brazil, where she trained in the areas of musculoskeletal, neurologic, cardiovascular and pulmonary and pediatric assessment and treatment.  Following graduation, Patricia completed a 1-year specialization in in-hospital physical therapy.  She earned her Master of Science Degree in Rehabilitation in 2016 from Universidade de São Paulo, where her educational training included coursework in Rehabilitation Science and conducted a clinical trial investigating the differences between continuous and interval training in Asthmatic Patients.

Patricia joined the Pulmonary Wellness & Rehabilitation Center as a physical therapy intern and later as a staff physical therapist, where her responsibilities include supervising monitored exercise sessions.  In 2017, Patricia became certified in Rehabilitative Qigong and Tai Chi for Pulmonary Health.

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